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Dogger: Facebook for Dogs

Dogger is a unique platform that aims to connect dog owners on a local level by creating a community feeling.

A lot of households in the Netherlands only have one dog. Letting your dog play with others helps with socializing but also with their physical health, and their behavior indoors. Dogs need to be challenged mentally and physically all the time.

We offer a platform with the key feature of helping you easily find a playmate for your dog. Dogger helps dog owners’ bond with their dogs on a new level while finding likeminded people and dogs.

Dogger brings together the solutions for dog owners on one platform. For example, finding a playmate for your dog, but also more practical issues like finding a dog sitter or dog walker, or maybe even a home for your dog while you go on vacation. We show new and fun areas where you can walk your dog to give you and your dog a change of scenery. We offer discounts on products in your area as well as show you which public places like restaurants are dog friendly.